Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Perfect Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Summer

Ray-Ban Caravan

Lately it seems that the only Ray-Ban sunglasses getting any attention are one of three styles: the Wayfarer, the Clubmaster, and the classic Aviator. Don't get me wrong, they are great options, but by no means are they your best or only choices. The Wayfarers are perfect for hanging out in the sun, but they just won't go with anything dressier than khakis and a button down. And though there is nothing inherently wrong with the Clubmasters, I can't seem to get on board with them. Lastly the aviators: by far my favorite of the three and a classic look that's a safe bet for anyone. I mean really, what's more classic than a look made popular by military pilots? I thought they would be the clear choice for me, but here was my problem: I could never find a pair that looked right on me.

I was to the point where I had given up. I was wearing those cheesy, knockoff Wayfarers with the logo of whatever company happened to be giving them out last. (Admittedly though it was only when the sun was bright enough that their utility outweighed their tackiness.)  But then one day while looking at some sunglasses with a friend, something caught my eye: a pair of square aviators down in the back corner of the bottom shelf. They were the Ray-Ban Caravan. They're definitely not a top seller, but I knew they were perfect from the second I tried them on.

Here's what makes them perfect for me. The rounded shape and bottom of the classic aviators just don't fit my face shape. The look a little odd and disproportioned. But not only do I like square frames better, they suit my face shape. The Caravans are rounded enough to not look too trendy, but are still noticeably more square than the classic style. Now you may be thinking, "I see square aviators all the time." Yes, that's true, but most have a wrap-around look to them that, though maybe more practical, seems too trendy and casual for me. These Caravans have the flat shape that you typically see on original Aviators as well as a thin, gold frame (in addition to a few other color choices) that let's you wear them on the beach with a swimsuit just as easily as with a suit and tie.

Maybe they are too old school for some people, but they probably said that about the Clubmaster a few years ago. I couldn't be happier with them, and I plan to keep them around for a long time. So if you find yourself looking for a pair of Ray-Bans, let everyone else clamor for the Clubmasters and Wayfarers while you come out on top with a pair of timeless sunglasses that stand out from the rest.

Ray-Ban Caravan 2

Ray-Ban Caravan 3


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