Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Fashion Fix: Hoodies

With temperatures quickly dropping, it's time to start wearing some warmer clothes, and for some, that means throwing on that not-so-sharp-looking hoodie. For the most part, hoodies are over-sized and do not fit well, which makes them appear baggy and sloppy. They really are not the best thing you can wear if you want to dress sharply. However, don't worry if you do end up finding yourself reaching for your old hoodie when it starts to get a little bit colder; there's an easy fix. Instead, try wearing a sweater. They are just as warm, come in a wide variety of styles, and best of all make you look more sophisticated and put together.

The most basic style is a v-neck, which is a great choice because it can be worn casually on the weekend or dressy in the office. Another option is a cardigan, which is just as versatile as a v-neck. Sweaters are also a better choice than hoodies because of how easy they are to layer. When it gets really cold out, you can put a sweater over your dress shirt and wear your suit jacket on top of that, something you cannot do with a hoodie.  As if that wasn't already enough to make you leave your hoodie for a sweater, they also come in a variety of fabrics. Options range from a thick cable knit, which is very in style right now, to a classic cashmere or merino. There's really no way to go wrong with a classic sweater, and you can definitely find one that fits your style.