Friday, November 18, 2011

Cargo Pants: This Changed My Mind

        So this is kind of a Social Media Style post because I found these pictures from What a Queer Bird on tumblr.com, but I had so much more to say about it than a normal Social Media Style post. I'll be honest, I have never been a fan of cargo pants (and especially cargo shorts). I have always felt that the pockets on the side add so much bulk and prevent the pants or shorts from looking sharp and stylish. Plus those pockets are so tempting to throw all of your stuff in, which makes them even bulkier. So when cargo pants started to really come in style, I was very weary of the trend. This look however kinda changes how I view cargo pants. These pants are slim and have tapered legs so they fit well to begin with, and the pockets don't seem to stick out at all. These are definitely not your typical ill-fitting cargo pants (and they are in a sharp looking navy color). The rest of the outfit is great as well; I love how all of the textures work together. There's the herringbone jacket, the wool tie, and the chambray shirt that all work together to make it fitting for fall. I am really impressed with this and it really opened my mind to the possibilities.