Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stand Out Style Tips

Standing out from the crowd and being noticed for your style does not have to be difficult; just make these few changes and you will be sure to be noticed.

Colored Button Up Shirts

The majority of men's button up shirts are either blue and white, so switching to a color is an easy way to stand out. Opt for a lighter, more pastel color, such as purple, green, or pink. (Also, ensuring your shirts are fitted properly will make you stand out from many men who wear ill-fitting shirts.)

Gray Pants

As with button up shirts, there is a main color choice in men's pants as well, black and khaki. If you are looking to get noticed in the crowd of black and khaki, put on some gray pants. They match almost anything so finding something to wear with them will be easy.

Wear Brown with Gray

Now that you are wearing gray pants to already stand out, you may want to stand out even more. Most people's instinct is to match a black belt and shoes with gray, but brown looks just as (if not more) stylish. Go for a darker brown and you will be sure to stand out. 

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