Saturday, June 11, 2011

TOMS Eyewear

This past Tuesday, June 7th, TOMS finally revealed to the world the next one-for-one product: eyewear! For the past months, people have been guessing what was in the some 90 mystery boxes placed at retailers around the globe. Now with every pair you buy, you can help give someone the gift of sight. Based on the same one-for-one motto as the shoes, with every pair of sunglasses bought, TOMS will donate either a pair of prescription glasses, medical treatment, or eye surgery. The new line of eyewear has 3 different styles, all of which have a cool retro look. The "Classic 101" (top) have the thicker frames that are so in style right now, and the 301s (bottom) are the classic aviator style, that will always look good. And best of all, they come in so many color choices, you can fit them to your personality.

Watch TOMS founder, Blake Mycoskie, reveal the next chapter.

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