Monday, June 13, 2011

H&M: Pros and Cons

Whether or not you have been to H&M before, here are some pros and cons to this Swedish clothing company.


1. Everything is affordable
This is probably one of the biggest draws for people, because with most things in the $20 range, anyone can afford it.

2. Inventory changes constantly
In case you couldn't find something you liked there, go back in a week and there will be tons of new stuff. (That also means if you are undecided on something and think you can come back to get it if you want it, you may be out of luck.)

3. They have a wide variety of styles
Whether you want a classic navy blazer or the latest trend, H&M will have it. (It's a good place to invest in trendy clothes because, when the trend goes out of style you won't have spent a lot on it.)

4. Clothes have a European fit
Because they are based in Sweden, their clothes have European styling, meaning you can find clothes that are slimmer cut, and are a little more fitted than a lot of American styles (don't worry though, they have plenty of things that American styled as well).


1. Sizing is inconsistent
Just because every other pair of pants you own is a 32 doesn't mean that you will be a 32. Make sure to try it on because the sizes greatly vary.

2. Average Quality
Because everything is so inexpensive, the quality is not the greatest, and the clothes don't last forever, but hey it's not like you invested a fortune for them.

3. No online store for the U.S.
 As of right now there is no online shop for H&M in America, but it appears that is going to change very soon. 

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