Saturday, June 11, 2011

5 Men's Fashion Mistakes: Fixed

About a month ago, I posted an article about 5 Common Men's Fashion Mistakes, but the solutions were very brief. Here are more detailed solutions to all 5 of these mistakes:

1. Socks and Sandals

This has a pretty simple solution. If you are wearing sandals, you shouldn't be wearing socks. And if you are going to wear sandals, make sure that they are stylish and high quality. Invest in a good pair like the ones on the right from Salvatore Ferragamo.

2. Cell Phone Belt Clips

If you find yourself attaching all of your electronics to your belt, you should ask yourself "Why?"  Is it really easier to keep them strapped to your waist rather than in your pocket? So from now on keep everything in your pocket, and if it doesn't all fit, you need to look at what you carry with you.

3. Stained Clothes

There are a few solutions to this problem. First of all, make sure that you are properly taking care of your clothes when you launder them. If you get rid of stains right away, then you won't have to worry about putting on a stained shirt. If a stain does slip by, and you don't notice it until you get to work, you could keep a stain remover pen, like Tide To-Go, in your desk drawer. If you are prone to getting stains while at work,  you could also keep a clean shirt at the office, just in case.

4. Blaring Brand Names

You should not be a walking advertisement for any company, so when shopping for clothes (particularly t-shirts), make sure the brand name or logo is either small and discrete, or nonexistent. When you are buying t-shirts, stick to either solid colors, or if you want to have something, opt for a cool, graphic design.

5. Ill Fitting Clothes

Having clothes that do not fit properly is one that a lot of men make, and that can be fixed rather easily. You could be wearing the most stylish outfit ever, but if it doesn't fit right, it will look terrible. I know its never fun, but the easiest solution is to try on everything before you buy it. That way you can make sure it fits before you go to wear it. In addition, find a good tailor and have your clothes altered so they fit perfectly. A good tailor will be able to fit the clothes exactly to you, so you will always look sharp.

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