Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fashion Fix: Baggy Shorts

I was out the other day and noticed a man who had on shorts that were way too baggy. It is really not a flattering look on anyone, and here are a few reasons why you shouldn't wear them:

1.) They make you look much shorter than you actually are.
2.) They make you look like a child.
3.) They are definitely not sophisticated and stylish.

Instead, opt for fitted shorts that are shorter in length, and lighter in material.

These shorts are a good choice because they aren't to big and hit right around the knee (although don't be afraid to go a little shorter). They are flat front, which means that don't have the excess fabric that comes with pleats.  They are also a beige, cotton twill which is a great choice for summer. It is a classic material that gets better with wear, and a light color that goes with almost anything.